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New Year’s State of Mind” at YOSHIs Oakland on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4th needs to get on your personal calendar right now! We’re looking toward new days, new tunes and new dreams in 2017.  The Junius Courtney Big Band featuring Denise Perrier swings back into one of the best jazz clubs around for a philosophically swingin’ night in a new season of jazz.  Full details at our  Upcoming Shows page.

Denise Perrier 

Junius Courtney Big Band's CD "US" is the work of a Bay Area institution and a big musical family that, according to jazz writer Andy Gilbert, "embodies swing."  

Check out some sounds and arrange to get your copy here.

Junius Courtney Big Band - Americas Cup












The Junius Courtney Big Band delivers the power and subtlety of authentic swing. Led by drummer Nat Courtney, son of the late bandleader and trumpet player Junius Courtney, and under the musical direction of George “Jazzbeaux” Spencer, the Junius Courtney Big Band thrives via a combination of exciting jazz charts and impressive jazz chops.












With internationally-acclaimed recording artist Denise Perrier out front on vocals, the Junius Courtney Big Band redefines the classics and presents originals as new as tomorrow morning. Its twenty-piece strength and forty-plus-years lifetime bring high-definition to the bandstand. As audiences have found, the Junius Courtney Big Band lifts off in live performance to delirious realms of swing.

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